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Uncle Sam’s is a leading supplier of affordable and high-quality camping equipment, military surplus, tactical, and police supplies. Regardless of what your need is, Uncle Sam’s provides products that are sure to satisfy your every camping, outdoor, or military desire. Since 1978, we have striven to provide our customers with the highest quality and largest variety of products — excellence is a must.

Military Surplus & Camping Products

Uncle Sam’s offers you the name brands you know. When it comes to camping equipment, military surplus, tactical and police supplies reliable and durable products are essential. You will only be purchasing products that you know you can rely and depend upon. Some of our quality products include:

Camping Supplies

Tactical Gear

Military Products

Unique Items We Carry

  • Samari Swords
  • Renaissance Type Swords
  • Stun Guns
  • Dog Tags
  • Zippo Lighters
  • Sling Shots
  • Etc.

To learn more about our product selection, contact Uncle Sam’s at (636) 200-8626.