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Outdoor Activities for Cub Scouts and Brownies

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cub scoutsAre you looking for some great activities for cub scouts? Are your brownies in need of fun arts and crafts projects? If so, don’t worry! There are lots of fun things that you can do in the outdoors, without breaking the bank!

The best part about being in the wilderness is being comfortable with nature… and being in the outdoors is free! Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, a proud supporter of the cub scouts and brownies of America, has a handful of fun outdoor activities geared toward these groups.

Outdoor Activities for Cub Scouts and Brownies:

Rock Pets

One fun thing you can add to the list of activities for your cub scouts and brownies is the creation of small rock pets. Nature will provide the needed rocks and twigs. Just bring along a pack of googly eyes and some crazy glue, and let your imagination run wild! Nuts, twigs, leaves… anything can be a part of your cub scouts and brownies’ fun and creative crafts! Bring along some paint and paintbrushes, too, and you can have even more fun, drawing faces on your very own pet rocks! By the time you complete this craft, you will have a slew of rock-size, honorary cub scouts and brownies.

Leaf Prints

While you have your paints out, why not encourage your cub scouts and brownies to make a few prints of the leaves they find? Simply apply some paint to the back of a leaf, and roll the back with a stencil presser. Then, Voila!  They have their very own leaf imprint. How many different kinds of leaves can your troops find? Break your cub scouts and brownies into smaller groups and challenge the teams to find the most different leaves.

Necklaces & Lanyards

While your cub scouts and brownies are enjoying the Great Outdoors, grab some string and help them make necklaces from acorns and rocks. The fun you and your cub scouts and brownies can have in the wilderness is limited only by your imagination!

Recycled Bird Feeders

Want to teach your cub scouts and brownies about recycling? A great project is turning old plastic bottles into bird feeders. There’s nothing more fun than building one of these with your own two hands and seeing birds fly down and peck at the birdseed your troops leave for them.

And you don’t need to limit your cub scouts and brownies to bird feeders. Why not try to challenge them and have them build a squirrel house from old cardboard boxes? Anything that you would normally throw away can be used, so teach your cub scouts and brownies to turn their trash into nature’s treasure!

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Before you take your cub scouts and brownies into the Great Outdoors, be sure you are prepared. If you need to stock up on outdoor equipment, visit Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, where you will find everything you need for your adventures.

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Uncle Sam’s is proudly serving the St. Louis, Missouri, area.


  1. I remember making plastic bird feeders out of two liters when I was a boy scout. Fond memories.

  2. Rick Washburn says:

    Great ideas, we might have to encourage these youngsters to focus their attention to the fun things in nature.

  3. Kids just need to be pushed a little. Put them in this type of environment where they have to use their imagination and give them a variety of activities.

    • Agreed. Kids these days will grow up to be more tech-savvy but I’m afraid that they’ll lack some of the creativity that comes with having a heavily used imagination.

  4. These all sound like great things to do with the kids and I for sure remember making rock pets and bird feeders when I was a little one.

  5. I’m so happy these organizations still exist, it teaches kids a lot and they get to have fun in new ways.

  6. I agree. If it weren’t for organizations like the boy scouts and girl scouts I’m not sure kids would see daylight.

  7. These all seem like fun ideas and activities to do with kids. I remember doing may of the same activities when I was in the boy scouts.

  8. I remember creating a pet rock when I was a kid. I think making the rock was actually more fun than having a pet rock.

  9. I remember collecting pinecones and using them to make bird feeders. We used peanut butter and rolled them in birdseed. So simple and so fun.

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