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Parachute Games For Kids

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parachuteKids love having fun, and parachute games are great addition to the entertainment mix. Fortunately, there are a number of entertaining and affordable parachute games for kids that can be easily completed. Although some other games are convoluted, these games are simple, just involving a big, durable parachute and kids who are ready to play. Because of this, there are endless possibilities for fun.

Parachute Game Activities

1. Parachute Ripples:

This game is simple. Kids gather around, holding the edges of a parachute, billowing the parachute up and down. This repeated motion creates a sand dune, ocean wave or balloon pop effect that is enjoyable for adults and kids alike.

2. Parachute Ride:

In this game, children sit at the center of the parachute, while adults give them a “ride” by pulling the parachute in circles. To make these rides even more fun, try acting out the different rides like a motorcycle, boat, bus or car. This motion can be repeated in different directions to make the rides even more fun.

3. Parachute Popping:

Here, both kids and adults sit at the edge of the parachute, with their legs beneath the fabric. Each person then grabs the parachute with both hands, pulling the fabric tautly, so that it becomes a flat surface. Next, lightweight balls are thrown onto the center of the fabric, where the the balloons can be popped by giving the parachute slack and then quickly pulling it tight.

4. Parachute Launch:

In a quick motion, kids can be lifted off of the parachute, up and down. All it takes is the help of adults who hold the edges of a parachute firmly, pulling it in and out quickly.

5. Parachute Peek-a-boo:

Here, kids are put under a lifted parachute and the adults play peek-a-boo by briefly hiding their faces with the parachute and then surprising the kids by popping their head beneath the fabric.

6. Parachute Colors:

In this game, each child chooses their favorite color or is assigned a color in advance. The rest of the players then billow the parachute slowly up and down. Next, one designated person calls out a color. At this point, the person with the color must cross to the opposite side before the parachute comes down.

7. Parachute favorites:

This is played in a similar way as the Parachute Colors game. The difference? Instead of calling out colors, other favorite things are used in place. Categories like animals, food, sports, and book are all great ideas.

8. Cat and Mouse:

Here, each player sits on his/her knees and one child takes the role of a cat and goes on top of the parachute, while another takes the role of a mouse. The rest of the players then lift the parachute up and down, while the cat tries to find the mouse, who attempts to remain hidden.

9. Parachute Fly:

During this game, one child informs the others that he/she want to “fly.” Then, at the count of three, he/she pulls the parachute quickly toward them, so the fabric creates the illusion of flying.

10. Pinwheel:

Here, everyone stands at the periphery of the parachute, holds its edge with two hands, and  passes it in one direction, watching the colors to spin in a pinwheel effect. This can be repeated in different directions.

When it comes to parachute games, the options are plentiful. For just the price of a parachute, you will have entertainment that can last for days. It gets better, though. A number of other parachute games can also be enjoyed with just a parachute. Use your imagination, the options are endless.

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  1. When I was in grade school it was always a treat to get to play with the parachute. I didn’t even think about these with my kids, because I just thought the school did this – I may need to get a parachute now though…

  2. Where have these been. Looks like a fun time for kids and family.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize they still used those parachutes. I remember using the parachute in P.E. my first day in kindergarten. And that was a really long time ago. Nostalgia!

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