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The Evolution of Paintball

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paintballThe evolution of paintball began at the end of the 1960’s. A company called Nelson created the first gun that was run on gas and would shoot bullets filled with paint. The idea of the paintball gun was intended for rural areas. If the workers of the town were going to go underground in the next day or so to do work, they would shoot the spot to mark it. This way no one had to remember where it was and worked perfectly because the paintball stains at that time were almost permanent. In certain rural places these marks can still be found today.

The paintball stains were also used for farming. If a farmer wanted to chop down certain parts of land, or certain trees, they would mark the land/tree they wanted to take away. The same is true with animals; a mark would be placed on the animals that were to be put down in the following days.

Paintball as a Sport

As the years went on, the paintball idea grew rapidly and was used by many others. However, in the latter years people wanted to use paintballs for self improvement and self amusement rather than just for work purposes. Two men, Bill and Charles, decided to use the paintball idea for these purposes and their test has been a success ever since. They thought to use all of life’s skills and use paintballs on the battle field. These skills included things like running, jumping, hiding, being quiet, moving fast, and sneaking up on the enemy.

Paintball became even more fun when people realized there can be more than two players. Now there can be seven or eight players, or even two sets of teams with seven or eight players on both sides. The paintball games we play today usually contain a mission such as reaching a certain part of the city, or finding an item like a key or hidden handkerchief.

In recent years, the paintball industry has been experimenting as much as they can. They have even created an indoor area where paintball games can be legally played. More and more areas like this are being created on a daily basis.

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  1. I had no idea that’s how paintball started. It’s crazy how some things get their start. Pretty interesting stuff.

  2. I watch The Big Bang Theory, and it always looked like playing a game of paintball would be really fun! But they never discussed how it came about, and I like that it all started for practical reasons.

  3. I think what sticks out to me in this article is that paintball was originally set up to help farmers. I’m always amazed when useful tools are changed for fun.

  4. I love watching those obscure sports networks on TV when they have the paintball tournaments playing. It is amazing to see how far the paintball gun has come–from firing slow inaccurate rounds, to firing extremely rapidly and accurately. Awesome!

  5. I still enjoy going out and paintballing with friends of mine! I love the sensitive double-tap triggers that some guns come with these days…a long way from the single pump and shoot paintball guns! I enjoyed this article.

  6. Very interesting. Poor cows getting hit with paintballs.

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