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Protect Yourself With Basic Self Defense Tips

When most people think of self defense, they tend to envision the flashy martial arts moves seen in Hollywood movies. However, the most important basic rules of real-world self defense have very little to do with advanced martial arts skills and everything to do with situational awareness and common sense. At Uncle Sam’s, St. Louis’ supplier of user-friendly self defense equipment, we understand the importance of being able to protect yourself.

self defense

Self Defense 101:

Self Defense Step #1 – Avoid potentially dangerous situations when you can.

It may sound like common sense, but the most effective self defense strategy is to avoid dangerous circumstances that could potentially compromise your personal safety. Because of this, it is important to evade questionable situations whenever possible. Don’t go into bad areas of town, avoid using unlit footpaths, especially alone, and try to avoid exhibiting behavior that makes you appear vulnerable.

Self Defense Step #2 – Try to deescalate the situation.

Avoid walking past strangers who are loitering suspiciously, especially in groups. Above all, never allow yourself to be drawn into a confrontation if you can possibly avoid it. Even if the other person doesn’t look like a serious threat, you never know. He or she may be tougher than he or she looks. Additionally, he or she could be packing a weapon. There is nothing cowardly about declining to fight and walking away. That said, never, ever, turn your back on someone who is threatening you – if necessary, walk away backwards. If you can’t get away, try to deescalate the situation. Sometimes your best means of self defense is using reason, speaking calmly, and apologizing – even if you aren’t in the wrong.

Self Defense Step #3 – Use purposeful techniques.

Unfortunately, you may be unlucky enough to find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself by way of self defense. If you have no other choice but to fight, you must fight purposefully, making every move count. Your aim is to neutralize the would-be attacker as fast as possible, before he or she can do harm. Don’t be afraid to take the self defense measures needed to protect yourself – this isn’t a sporting contest, you are defending yourself against violent aggression.

If you have any objects in hand that can be used as weapons – a chair, an aerosol (spray it in his or her eyes) a piece of wood, etc. – use them. If not, try to keep your hands up to protect your face, and strike the most vulnerable target areas on your attacker’s body with your hands and feet. A low kick to the knee, groin, or abdomen, if delivered successfully and with sufficient force, can be a very effective way of stopping your attacker. Additionally, a punch, palm strike, or headbutt to the nose and face or a strike to the throat can be equally disabling. If you get the opportunity, poke your opponent in the eye — another good self defense tactic.

Self Defense Step #4 – Keep a safe distance.

Do whatever you can to disable your attacker, but when possible, try to avoid getting into a grappling contest – your opponent may have a knife. Because of this, you will want to keep a safe distance.  If you do get grabbed, do whatever you can to get free. Self defense techniques, such as elbowing, headbutting, eye-gouging, biting your attacker, or bending his fingers back, are all usually effective. Make as much noise as you can, too, in order to attract the attention of a passersby.

Protect Yourself Now.

Although these suggestions are loose self defense guidelines, they should help you in the event that you find yourself in a situation where you need to protect yourself. Additionally, arming yourself with some basic self defense items like mase can help you protect yourself in these situations, too.

Need to stock up on some self protection tools? For more information about our self defense inventory, contact one of our St. Louis, MO, locations today.

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Hiking Tips to Keep Warm in Winter

Some people might avoid hiking in the winter, but it can be a beautiful time to go out and enjoy your natural surroundings. Nature areas are less congested in cooler months, making it easier for you to enjoy the wilderness on your own.

One concern that might keep you from winter hiking? Chilly weather! Don’t let dropping temperatures keep you from enjoying a hike. If you follow our winter hiking tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors even in the coldest months.

Winter Hiking Tips

Avoid Cotton

The first of our winter hiking tips? Don’t wear cotton. Cotton is a great fabric for summer hikes, but not ideal for winter hiking. When wet, cotton loses its insulating properties and will draw warmth away from your body. If wet cotton freezes, it will become extremely cold and hard, which will make you uncomfortable.

The Best Fabrics for Winter Hiking

Rather than your cotton gear, grab one of these fibers to fulfill winter hiking tips:

  • Wool: It’s warm, tough, and remains an insulator when wet, plus stays flexibleWinter Hiking Tips even when frozen. It can handle campfire exposure and extensive motion.
  • Polypro: Wool can be very scratchy, so you’ll want another layer of fiber between it and your skin. Polypro and other inner synthetics wick moisture from your skin, creating a layer of warmth that will provide just the right moisture.
  • Down: If the combination of wool and ploypro doesn’t prove to be enough, go for the goose down. It’s a lightweight, compressible insulator that is a great last layer when you’re cozied up for the night at camp. Just avoid getting your down blankets wet, as moisture renders them ineffective. Keeping them in a waterproof bag (another one of our hiking tips!) should do.

Don’t Go Too Tight

One of the best hiking tips that sometimes gets forgotten is making sure that your gear is not too tight. Layering clothing too tightly will prevent you from getting warm, because it prevents good blood circulation, particularly in your extremities. Try looser layers over your synthetic fibers to stay toasty. Your inner layer of polypro should be skintight, but nothing else should be.

The same hiking tips apply to your boots. If they’re too tight, your toes will be chilly — but if they’re too loose, you might get blisters. Be sure that your boots are properly fitted, and if they’re not, consider investing in a new pair that are.

Don’t Forget Your Hat

One of the easiest winter hiking tips to follow? Wearing a good hat. We lose warmth from our heads, so wearing a hat will help your body retain warmth. Wear your thickest hat to bed, when your body won’t be in motion.

Prepare Hot Food and Drinks

Our winter hiking tips wouldn’t be complete without a suggested menu. Rather than relying on prepackaged dry foods or picnic fare, make a fire and have a cookout. Bring a cook stove, hot cocoa mix, some hot dogs or premade chili — whatever hot food you feel will warm your belly.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The last of our hiking tips will also help you stay warm. If you don’t rest well at night, the next day, your body will struggle to stay warm. Pack a thick, insulating sleeping pad and a sleeping bag that fits you well. Remember that sleeping bags with stretched fill don’t insulate well.


If you follow these hiking tips, you should stay warm while exploring wintry landscapes! For more hiking tips for every season, or to find quality camping gear for your next winter hike, call Uncle Sam’s at (314) 499-8330.

Do you have any winter hiking experiences or hiking tips to share?

How to Spot Fall Wildlife

Many changes start occurring in fall — wildlife is no exception. As we start making fall preparations, such as buying warmer clothes and checking on our heating system, native wildlife begins to make some of its own preparations, too. Wildlife makes these preparations, because they, too, need to keep warm in the fall and to gather up enough food and resources to last them through the winter.

As local wildlife begins making these important arrangements, be sure to head outdoors and enjoy the sightseeing. Not sure where to look? Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, has the details about where and when you can observe local wildlife.

Fall Wildlife Sightseeing Tips:


Generally speaking, animals that are active this time of year are terrestrial species that do not take flight. The key for spotting them? All you have to do is locate their food sources and places of shelter. For example, chipmunks gather food in burrows, so you need to search for burrows within your local area or within the confines of nearby parks.

Squirrels, on the other hand, have nests. This is where they gather their acorns. You can see them by finding their nests and sitting nearby. Furthermore, woodchucks dig burrows near wooded areas, which can be a good place to look for them. Additionally, beavers are the easiest to see when it comes to mammal wildlife. All you have to do is to find their dams. These industrious creatures will pop up and tend to their dams at any moment. This kind of work is very central to their behavior and survival. Because of this, it is difficult to miss beavers when you camp in a close proximity to their dams.

wildlifeFlying Creatures

Sometimes, it is difficult to see these varieties of wildlife, because they travel through the air. The best way to observe this kind of wildlife is while they are eating, resting, and/or migrating. Since these types of wildlife are usually preoccupied while they are eating, they cannot easily escape your sight.

Although it’s a little late in the season, you can usually view birds as they migrate with the cool northwesterly winds of August. What birds can you see?  Eagles, hawks, and falcons are all highly visible. In addition, you can catch Canadian geese as they migrate south. They make honking noises as they migrate, so you’ll be able to easily acknowledge their presence.

Interested in seeing some more flying wildlife? You can also view painted lady butterflies and other types, such as the monarch and buckeye, as they migrate with the southerly winds. They usually rest at night, making it easiest to spot them.

Head to Uncle Sam’s for Your Outdoors Gear Today.

When it comes to sightseeing, fall is the perfect time of the year to see an array of wildlife. Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, understands how much fun it is to head outdoors and enjoy nature’s bounty. Using these tips, you are sure to enjoy lots of wildlife this fall.

If you enjoy looking for wildlife but need some outdoors gear, contact an Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, store today.

Pinterest-inspired Fall Crafts

Pinterest is always a great source of do-it-yourself fun, so be sure to check out the many fall crafts available on the Internet. With thousands of ideas to choose from, the options are almost limitless. At Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, we are all about the outdoors, and we encourage you to enjoy these fun fall crafts while the colorful leaves and lovely weather last. If you are ready to head outside and get your hands dirty with some entertaining fall crafts, wait no longer — we have great fall crafts here.

Fun Fall Crafts:


Leaf Animals

While the leaves are plentiful, be sure to incorporate them into your fall crafts. Fall crafts do not have to be difficult; sometimes the basics are the most fun! Is your child an animal lover? If so, we have the perfect craft for you. It’s simple: Pick an animal you would like to create and collect different shapes of leaves that could be used to comprise the animal of your choosing. Owls, foxes, and fawns are all great ideas. Need some inspiration? See a real-life example of the craft.

Leaf Mason Jars

There is nothing quite like enjoying the warm glow of a candle on a crisp autumn evening. You know the feeling — cozied around the fire, enjoying the flicker of the candle. Because of this, we have included this next activity in our fall crafts list. For a nice addition to your ambiance, create a leaf-covered candle holder.

As fall crafts go, this activity may need to involve some parental supervision. All it takes is collecting some colorful leaves, drying them (in a closed book, between newspaper, for two weeks) and mod podging them to the outside of a mason jaw, which will need to sit overnight and then be covered with a layer of acrylic spray. After this is completed, place a tea light inside and wait for the magic to happen. Fall colors will dance inside your mason jar candle all night. As fall crafts go, this is a favorite.


fall craftsRainbow Pumpkin

When you think of fall crafts, perhaps you think of pumpkin carving. This is a great activity, but if you want something more fun — and a tad messier, too — check out our fun ideas for fall crafts.

For some serious color on your pumpkin, all you need is a pack of crayons, a blow drier, Fast Grab Tacky Glue, and of course, a pumpkin (white is best). Next, you’ll need to peel off the paper on your crayons and break them in half. Then, glue the crayon halves around your pumpkin’s stem. Once they are secured, grab your hair dryer and place it a few inches above the crayons. After about 30 minutes on high power, your crayons should have melted, creating a beautiful explosion of color.


In need of more pumpkin-inspired fall crafts? If you want to take another spin on the color wheel, try applying some kid-friendly paints to the pumpkin’s exterior. Stencils and freehand designs both make beautiful additions to any pumpkin. For even more fun, bundle up and hit the porch for your painting party.

Autumn weather opens the doors to more activities than the fall crafts listed in this blog. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy the beautiful weather, stop by Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri —  your source for outdoors supplies.

For information about other fall crafts, visit our blog. For other inquiries, contact one of our St. Louis, Missouri stores.

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Halloween Costumes for Kids

This fall, finding halloween costumes for the kids is easier than ever. When you shop at Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, we have an assortment of classic costumes inspired by the public servicemen and women of America. If you are sick of buying halloween costumes with a one-time use lifespan, you will be pleased to hear our halloween costumes can be worn year round. At last, there are halloween costumes that leave your kids happy and your wallet satisfied.

Our One-of-a-kind  Halloween Costumes:

Kid’s Camo

When it comes to halloween costumes, our kid’s camo is the perfect solution. If your son or daughter wants to honor our public servicemen and women, or they just want to embrace this rich part of our nation’s history, Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, kid’s camo is available in a couple of attractive styles. Everything from our camo pants to camo shirts are available in traditional army print or the new-age “digital” print. In addition, they come equipped with utility pockets, drawstring pulls, and industry-strength buttons. From head to toe, your kid can get decked out in our kid’s camo for their costumes.

Army Flight Suits

For slightly different costumes, consider our flight suits. Available in traditional and digital camo varieties, our flight suits are produced in solid colors, too. Feeling creative with this year’s halloween costumes? Use our solid-colored flight suits as a base for other halloween costumes — think batman, a black cat, or even a blue bird. When you put your imagination to use, the sky’s the limit in regard to the potential for halloween costumes.

halloween costumesSWAT/ Police Clothing

The SWAT team is one of the most exciting areas of the police force. If your little munchkins want to take their halloween costumes to the next level, they’ll love our variety of real life-inspired SWAT gear. Want something more traditional? We have that, too. To add a fun mix to your halloween costumes, be sure to check our large selection of police accessories. Flashlights, hats, and police gas masks — we have it all at Uncle Sam’s.

Uncle Sam’s: Your One-stop Shop for Halloween Costumes.

As you are shopping for this year’s halloween costumes, be sure to stop by Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri. We have everything from police gear to military camo, so your child will have a large selection of halloween costumes to choose from this year.

To learn more ways Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, can assist with your halloween costumes, call us at one of our store locations.

Outdoor Activities for Cub Scouts and Brownies

cub scoutsAre you looking for some great activities for cub scouts? Are your brownies in need of fun arts and crafts projects? If so, don’t worry! There are lots of fun things that you can do in the outdoors, without breaking the bank!

The best part about being in the wilderness is being comfortable with nature… and being in the outdoors is free! Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, a proud supporter of the cub scouts and brownies of America, has a handful of fun outdoor activities geared toward these groups.

Outdoor Activities for Cub Scouts and Brownies:

Rock Pets

One fun thing you can add to the list of activities for your cub scouts and brownies is the creation of small rock pets. Nature will provide the needed rocks and twigs. Just bring along a pack of googly eyes and some crazy glue, and let your imagination run wild! Nuts, twigs, leaves… anything can be a part of your cub scouts and brownies’ fun and creative crafts! Bring along some paint and paintbrushes, too, and you can have even more fun, drawing faces on your very own pet rocks! By the time you complete this craft, you will have a slew of rock-size, honorary cub scouts and brownies.

Leaf Prints

While you have your paints out, why not encourage your cub scouts and brownies to make a few prints of the leaves they find? Simply apply some paint to the back of a leaf, and roll the back with a stencil presser. Then, Voila!  They have their very own leaf imprint. How many different kinds of leaves can your troops find? Break your cub scouts and brownies into smaller groups and challenge the teams to find the most different leaves.

Necklaces & Lanyards

While your cub scouts and brownies are enjoying the Great Outdoors, grab some string and help them make necklaces from acorns and rocks. The fun you and your cub scouts and brownies can have in the wilderness is limited only by your imagination!

Recycled Bird Feeders

Want to teach your cub scouts and brownies about recycling? A great project is turning old plastic bottles into bird feeders. There’s nothing more fun than building one of these with your own two hands and seeing birds fly down and peck at the birdseed your troops leave for them.

And you don’t need to limit your cub scouts and brownies to bird feeders. Why not try to challenge them and have them build a squirrel house from old cardboard boxes? Anything that you would normally throw away can be used, so teach your cub scouts and brownies to turn their trash into nature’s treasure!

Visit Uncle Sam’s, Partner to the Cub Scouts and Brownies of St. Louis, MO, for Outdoor Equipment.

Before you take your cub scouts and brownies into the Great Outdoors, be sure you are prepared. If you need to stock up on outdoor equipment, visit Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, where you will find everything you need for your adventures.

To learn about more ways we service cub scouts and brownies of America, visit or contact one of our St. Louis, MO, locations today.

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Fall Outdoor Activities for Kids

As the leaves change color and the weather cools off, autumn hosts an array of fun outdoor activities for kids. Everything from pumpkin patches to fall leaf collections provide hours of enjoyable and affordable activities in nature’s bounty. Before it gets too cold, it is important to embrace the cool weather and crunchy leaves that are fall. Need some help thinking outside of the box? Uncle Sam’s is an expert in outdoor activities for kids, and we have the scoop on this season’s hottest activities.

Outdoor Activities for Kids: Ideas

outdoor activities for kidsPumpkin Fun

Nothing says fall quite like pumpkins. Pumpkin carvings and visits to the pumpkin patches are great outdoor activities for kids — and this time of the year, pumpkins are plentiful. A visit to the pumpkin patch is a good activity in and of itself, but the fun does not have to stop here. After you wander through a pumpkin patch for hours and have found yourself some prize-worthy selections, the entertainment can continue at home .

Head outside with your carving gear and get to creating a festive jack-o’-lantern. You can take in the beauty of fall from your front or back porch while carving, which makes for a great family activity.

Corn Maze

There is something magical about a good, old-fashioned corn maze. Of the many fall outdoor activities, corn mazes are amongst the best. Corn mazes can test your navigational skills and get your heart rate going, too. In addition, they double as team-building activities. In need of more family bonding ideas? Rally the troops and head to the corn maze this fall or winter.


If you are in search of more rigorous outdoor activities for kids, hit the trails and get hiking. There is something majestic about the burnt orange, blood red, and electric yellow colors of fall, and there is no better place to enjoy the scenery than from the great outdoors. While the mild weather lasts, head outside and get hiking. And don’t forget to visit Uncle Sam’s, your St. Louis, Missouri, supplier for hiking equipment.

Leaf Exploration

When it comes to fall outdoor activities, there is no reason you shouldn’t get your hands on some of those bright colorful leaves. Instead of just looking at them, start a collection of leaves. And if you want to mix things up, have the kids create a big leaf pile and then jump in it. This simple activity packs a surprising amount of fun. Don’t believe us? Check it out and see for yourself.

Get Outside Today.

During fall, the options of outdoor activities for kids are plentiful. Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, is a proud provider of hiking, camping, and tactical equipment. Before you head outside, stop by our store and get stocked up on your outdoor gear.

For more ideas about outdoor activities for kids, contact Uncle Sam’s today.

How to Pack an Alice Pack

Alice packHiking and mountaineering are great hobbies, although it is crucial that your know how to properly load an Alice pack before you engage in either activity. Many people do not understand the significance of a well-planned and a thoughtfully loaded Alice pack. Alice packs have been utilized by U.S. soldiers since the Vietnamese war, when they acted as a carrier for large amounts of gear for longer distances than previously possible. For all intents, an Alice pack enables hikers and campers to do the same. They key, however, is properly loading your Alice pack; don’t worry, Uncle Sam’s is here to help.

Guidelines for Loading an Alice Pack:

1. Pack the main section of your Alice pack first. This is the largest section, and therefore it should mainly be reserved for clothing storage. Pack this unit from the base up in the following order: pants, shirt, poncho liner, bivouac sack, weather stuff sack containing gloves, socks, underwear, and wet weather pants, mess kit, and a waterproof bag with provisions and snacks.

2. Next, fill your Alice pack’s pockets, starting from the left. As a rule of thumb, your coat should be in the pocket to the left when the bag is worn.

3. After this is complete, pack the middle pocket with emergency supplies including: duct tape, a nylon cord, an army knife, toilet paper (in a waterproof bag) ,waterproof matches, and a first aid kit. For good measure, you can also pack your rain poncho in this compartment.

4. As far as regular food supplies are concerned, they should be easily accessible as you walk. It is thus advisable to pack them in the outer pocket to the right. For food supply should consist of at least enough food and snacks to last you two days.

5. The sleeping bag is another crucial part of travel, and it should therefore be strapped beneath the main compartment using waterproof nylon strapping.

6. In the ammo pouches, place large supplies of vitamins (proposedly a 30-day supply), insect repellents, sunscreen lotion, a bottle of antibacterial soap, and water purification tablets. You may also include a pan scrubber, depending on the utensils available.

7. In the topmost flap of the Alice pack, put maps, your hat, and any other small necessities inside of waterproof bags. After doing so, all the Alice pack’s pockets will have almost been fully utilized in a well-balanced manner.

8. Finally, you need to strap a self-inflating air bag onto the bag atop the top pocket. This can be  achieved by strapping the air bag beneath the nylon strapping holding the sleeping bag in place. Also remember to also include about two canteens, a flashlight and a compass in the utility belt. These small items can easily be misplaced if they become mixed with the other things inside the the Alice pack, so it is important to organize them carefully.

Pack Your Alice pack and Set Out on Your Adventure.

Once you have completely loaded your Alice pack, you are ready to get strapped in and set out on your adventure. While putting on your bag, be sure that your straps are tightened, so you avoid weight shifting to one side, which may cause problems over long distances. In addition, remember to fasten the heaviest items close to your back and flanked by the shoulder blades.

For more information about hiking gear, contact Uncle Sam’s —  your St. Louis, Missouri, supplier for hiking equipment.


Parachute Games For Kids

parachuteKids love having fun, and parachute games are great addition to the entertainment mix. Fortunately, there are a number of entertaining and affordable parachute games for kids that can be easily completed. Although some other games are convoluted, these games are simple, just involving a big, durable parachute and kids who are ready to play. Because of this, there are endless possibilities for fun.

Parachute Game Activities

1. Parachute Ripples:

This game is simple. Kids gather around, holding the edges of a parachute, billowing the parachute up and down. This repeated motion creates a sand dune, ocean wave or balloon pop effect that is enjoyable for adults and kids alike.

2. Parachute Ride:

In this game, children sit at the center of the parachute, while adults give them a “ride” by pulling the parachute in circles. To make these rides even more fun, try acting out the different rides like a motorcycle, boat, bus or car. This motion can be repeated in different directions to make the rides even more fun.

3. Parachute Popping:

Here, both kids and adults sit at the edge of the parachute, with their legs beneath the fabric. Each person then grabs the parachute with both hands, pulling the fabric tautly, so that it becomes a flat surface. Next, lightweight balls are thrown onto the center of the fabric, where the the balloons can be popped by giving the parachute slack and then quickly pulling it tight.

4. Parachute Launch:

In a quick motion, kids can be lifted off of the parachute, up and down. All it takes is the help of adults who hold the edges of a parachute firmly, pulling it in and out quickly.

5. Parachute Peek-a-boo:

Here, kids are put under a lifted parachute and the adults play peek-a-boo by briefly hiding their faces with the parachute and then surprising the kids by popping their head beneath the fabric.

6. Parachute Colors:

In this game, each child chooses their favorite color or is assigned a color in advance. The rest of the players then billow the parachute slowly up and down. Next, one designated person calls out a color. At this point, the person with the color must cross to the opposite side before the parachute comes down.

7. Parachute favorites:

This is played in a similar way as the Parachute Colors game. The difference? Instead of calling out colors, other favorite things are used in place. Categories like animals, food, sports, and book are all great ideas.

8. Cat and Mouse:

Here, each player sits on his/her knees and one child takes the role of a cat and goes on top of the parachute, while another takes the role of a mouse. The rest of the players then lift the parachute up and down, while the cat tries to find the mouse, who attempts to remain hidden.

9. Parachute Fly:

During this game, one child informs the others that he/she want to “fly.” Then, at the count of three, he/she pulls the parachute quickly toward them, so the fabric creates the illusion of flying.

10. Pinwheel:

Here, everyone stands at the periphery of the parachute, holds its edge with two hands, and  passes it in one direction, watching the colors to spin in a pinwheel effect. This can be repeated in different directions.

When it comes to parachute games, the options are plentiful. For just the price of a parachute, you will have entertainment that can last for days. It gets better, though. A number of other parachute games can also be enjoyed with just a parachute. Use your imagination, the options are endless.

For information about other fun outdoor activities and supplies, follow our blog or contact Uncle Sam’s at (636) 200-8626 or (877) 351-0791.

The Evolution of Paintball

paintballThe evolution of paintball began at the end of the 1960’s. A company called Nelson created the first gun that was run on gas and would shoot bullets filled with paint. The idea of the paintball gun was intended for rural areas. If the workers of the town were going to go underground in the next day or so to do work, they would shoot the spot to mark it. This way no one had to remember where it was and worked perfectly because the paintball stains at that time were almost permanent. In certain rural places these marks can still be found today.

The paintball stains were also used for farming. If a farmer wanted to chop down certain parts of land, or certain trees, they would mark the land/tree they wanted to take away. The same is true with animals; a mark would be placed on the animals that were to be put down in the following days.

Paintball as a Sport

As the years went on, the paintball idea grew rapidly and was used by many others. However, in the latter years people wanted to use paintballs for self improvement and self amusement rather than just for work purposes. Two men, Bill and Charles, decided to use the paintball idea for these purposes and their test has been a success ever since. They thought to use all of life’s skills and use paintballs on the battle field. These skills included things like running, jumping, hiding, being quiet, moving fast, and sneaking up on the enemy.

Paintball became even more fun when people realized there can be more than two players. Now there can be seven or eight players, or even two sets of teams with seven or eight players on both sides. The paintball games we play today usually contain a mission such as reaching a certain part of the city, or finding an item like a key or hidden handkerchief.

In recent years, the paintball industry has been experimenting as much as they can. They have even created an indoor area where paintball games can be legally played. More and more areas like this are being created on a daily basis.

If you’re looking to get in the paintball game, come visit Uncle Sam’s or give us a call at (877) 849-8777 for all your Discount Camping & Military Surplus needs.