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Camping suppliescamping backpack in St. Louis have been available to St. Louis residents for over 35 years! Uncle Sam’s has been outfitting customers traveling all over the world whether it’s a mission trip to South America, an African Safari, your child’s trip to summer camp or  scout camp, or just a lazy weekend on the river.
Uncle Sam’s has no shortage of camping gear at great prices. No matter where your camping adventures take you, we have camping supplies ideal for every situation.

Wide Camping Supplies Selection in St. Louis

Our broad selection of camping gear is great for:

No matter what outdoor adventures you may be embarking upon, Uncle Sam’s has the camping supplies to make it fun and exciting!


We offer the most reliable and trustworthy brands, so that customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. Uncle Sam’s provides some of the camping world’s leading brands, including:

Camping Supplies Brands:

  • Alps
  • American Trails
  • Camelbak
  • Cedar Ridge
  • Coglans
  • Coleman
  • Dorcy
  • Eureka
  • Frogg Toggs
  • Intex
  • Katadyn-Water Filtration
  • Kelty
  • Mountain House
  • MSR
  • Nalgene
  • Reliance
  • Seal Line
  • Suisse Sport
  • Stansports
  • Texsport
  • Thermarest
  • Wenzel
  • World Famous Sports

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Camping Products

Uncle Sam’s is proud to offer camping clothing, accessories, cookware and utensils, air mattresses and cots, and of course, tents. With thousands of products available on our store shelves and online, we are ready to help you find all the camping gear you need to have fun, safe outdoors adventures.

St. Louis | The History of Fleece | Uncle Sam's The History of Fleece

Chances are you have at least one item made of fleece in your wardrobe or your home, whether it’s a fleece-lined jacket, a pair of fleece pajamas, a cozy fleece blanket, or some fleece camping gear. It’s not surprising — although it wasn’t sold to the public until 1981 and didn’t emerge as a popular fabric choice until the early 1990s, fleece is now one of the most ubiquitous fabrics in the world.

At Uncle Sam’s, we love fleece — a synthetic fabric made from a soft deep pile — for its ability to keep a wearer very warm even during cold rains, which makes it a great fabric for camping gear. True, wool may also keep you warm, but it isn’t so comfortable when wet. Avoid the high absorbency, smell, itchiness, and heaviness of wet wool and stick with fleece on your next spring camping trip!

In celebration of fleece, we’re sharing a brief history of the fabric.

The History of Fleece

When was fleece invented?

St. Louis | The History of Fleece | Uncle Sam's

Post-WWII, Malden Mills Industries noticed a definite shift in fabrics toward synthetics. Polyesters were growing in popularity, Nylon had been an instant hit in the 1930s, and Spandex was spawned in the 1950s. Not wanting to be left out of the fabric innovations, Malden Mills aimed to make their own synthetic designed to mimic the qualities of wool. They started the endeavor by spinning plastic materials into yarn and in 1979 they created the fabric we know as fleece. When weaved into fabric with small loops on one side, Malden Mills created a very thin fabric. In the factory, they found that brushing the yarn made it break down into its individual fibers. As the loops puffed up, the texture, thickness, and insulation of the fabric improved yet the weight didn’t increase. And thus, fleece was created, pulling Malden Mills out of near-bankruptcy and changing the fabric of outdoor and sports apparel.

How was fleece marketed?

At the time that fleece was invented, Patagonia, a major producer of camping apparel and gear, was pushing mills to produce new fabric for camping and sportswear. Fleece fit the bill perfectly. Malden Mills employee Doug Hoschek was in charge of marketing the textile, and he turned to the camping and outdoor community to sell fleece.

How did fleece jump from the outdoor niche to more widespread distribution?

In the early 1990s, popular clothing brands like Old Navy noticed how comfortable fleece was and began using cheap imitations of the Malden Mills fabric in their lines. Malden Mills struggled with competitors, but secured some government contracts. After filing bankruptcy in 2007, Malden Mills rebranded itself as Polartec, a nod to the polar fleece they invented.

Get Fleece Clothing & Camping Gear Today!

You can get all the fleece clothing, outerwear, and camping gear you need from Uncle Sam’s. Visit or Manchester, MO or St. Peters, MO locations to see our fleece items in person, or shop our online military surplus and camping supply store to find a wide selection of fleece goods, including fleece hats, fleece-lined pants, fleece jackets, fleece blankets, and more!

winter camping What Should You Include in Your Winter Camping Checklist?

winter campingJust because there is snow on the ground and its cold outside, does not mean you cannot engage in winter camping. In fact, wintertime is one of the most beautiful times to enjoy this favorite outdoor activity. Glistening, snow-laden ground makes this activity especially enjoyable. However, because of extreme weather conditions, there are some things you will need to include in your packing checklist.

Winter Camping Tips: What to Pack

While some things, like boots and a winter coat, may be obvious items to include on your winter camping checklist, others are not. So, just for good measure, let’s cover the basics, along with a few things you may not think to pack.

Warm Clothing

There is more to preparing for a winter camping excursion than throwing on a winter coat and some gloves. When you pack clothing, you are going to need to think layers. Plenty of insulating layers are required to ensure your body has the proper warmth it demands. This is especially important when it comes to socks. Although you will want to have water-resistant boots, plenty of heavy-duty socks are needed to keep your body warm when it matters most. The takeaway? Be extremely thoughtful as you prepare for your winter camping trip.

Sun Protectant

When it is cold outside and there is snow-covered ground, wearing sunblock is an absolute must. White, frosty ground reflects sunlight, making campers even more susceptible than usual to sun damage. So, as you are packing your winter camping bag, be sure to grab the sunblock from your pool bag, placing it somewhere safe and accessible.

The Essentials

Food, water, and light are all camping staples that should be included on your winter camping checklist. Do not let the cold temperatures undermine the importance of  water. Camping is hard work, whether it is hot or cold outside. And after a long day of hiking, you will need to keep your body hydrated and well-fed with food rich in nutrients and energy.

Fire Materials

All the warm clothing in the world  is sometimes not enough to fight off the cold, which makes it crucial that you keep on hand the proper materials needed to make a fire. A long-nosed lighter and matches are both things you will need to bring. However, you will want to pack them in a water-resistant bag, so you do not find yourself in an unfortunate predicament. In the event that your other fire-starting materials do not work, including an emergency fire starter on your winter camping checklist is also a good idea.

Learn More Now

When it comes to winter camping, making a detailed checklist is a great way to ensure all your needs are satisfied. Our last piece of advice? Be sure to take in the majesty of the snowy trees and ground that surround you as you camp.

To learn how Uncle Sam’s of St. Louis, Missouri, can assist with your camping needs, visit one of our store locations or contact us by phone or online.

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St. Louis, MO | How to Pick the Best Camping Stove How to Pick the Best Camping Stove

Any good campout includes cooking food over a fire — but depending on where you’re camping, you may not be able to start an open fire. In backcountry camping areas that lack quality firewood or have a heightened risk of forest fires, a camping stove might be your only option. Even if you aren’t camping in a fire-restricted area, it can be handy to have a camping stove on hand in case of rain — or for those moments when you just want a quick cup of coffee without dealing with a fire build.

As with all of your other camping gear, you probably want to get the best camping stove available for your outdoor trips. Here are some tips for selecting the best camping stove depending on your preferences and purposes.

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St. Louis, MO | Self Defense Tips for Planning a Winter Camping Trip

While many nationwide are taking refuge from the chilly temperatures, there are also plenty of outdoor enthusiasts eager to keep exploring. Winter camping might not be as popular as spring, summer, and fall expeditions, but the cold air has its perks: there are fewer fellow campers to encounter, which leads to less crowding and a more authentic wilderness experience.

If you’ve never gone camping in the winter months or it’s just been a while since your last trip, you may be at a loss when it comes to planning for winter camping. Don’t worry, Uncle Sam’s is here to provide some winter camping tips.

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St. Louis | Going on a Winter Camping Trip? Follow Our Tips Going on a Winter Camping Trip? Follow Our Tips!

So far in our winter camping series, we have covered what to include in your packing checklist, how to prevent frostbite, and how to plan ahead for a great winter campout.

Today, we’re sharing tips that will come in handy when you’re on the trail, weathering the cold during your winter camping trip!

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camping gear, St. Louis, MO How Quality Camping Supplies Can Help Your Family Connect

With busy schedules pulling family members in different directions, it’s hard to feel like a family. That’s why it’s important to put those conflicting schedules aside for a few days every year to enjoy a camping trip.camping gear, St. Louis, MO

Creating Memories

Most of these trips are memorable for one reason or another. Unfortunately, sometimes they are most memorable because of the camping supplies that get forgotten. Remember the year when dad brought the wrong tent poles? Or what about the time when it rained incessantly, and no one had thought to pack rain gear?

These memories of forgotten camping supplies may bring smiles a few years down the road, but they sure can make for some miserable experiences as you’re going through them. Putting together the right camping supplies for your trip just might bring your family closer together because instead of commiserating about how uncomfortable everyone is, you’ll be able to focus on having a fabulous experience.

Planning, Packing, and Prepping

Packing the right camping supplies doesn’t happen by accident. Don’t leave this important chore until the last minute. Spend some time reviewing the camping supplies you used last year. Is anything worn out? Now is the time to shop for replacement camping supplies like a new tent or camp stove. If your idea of camping is anything but rough, maybe now is the time to invest in a new air mattress.

Good trips become great when you’ve got the camping supplies that keep you warm and dry. A good fleece jacket is ideal for cooler temperatures. It’s lightweight and can easily be removed and packed away. You might also consider purchasing long underwear. It’s indispensable for those cold nights. Also, make sure everyone has several pairs of socks. Dry feet will keep you going when things get tough, so pack extra pairs.

When putting together your camping supplies, consider your family’s need for light and heat. When you’ve got all the bases covered, you’ll be ready to enjoy genuine family closeness.

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outdoor activities for kids Five Advantages of Reconnecting with Nature

outdoor activities for kids

Packing up the camping supplies and heading out into the woods isn’t just fun; it can actually be good for you too. Stop letting those old camping supplies gather dust. Get out into the woods today and enjoy these five advantages of reconnecting with nature. You will be glad you did.

How Camping Gear Can Connect You To Nature

1. It Can Reduce Your Stress Levels

Modern America’s fast-paced, never-sleeping society can induce a lot of stress and strain. Forget your job, forget your bills and forget your problems by packing up the camping supplies and heading outdoors for some peaceful time in nature. Your worries will melt away.

2. It Can Improve Your Physical Fitness

If you’re like many Americans, you probably spend most of your day sitting at work before coming home to sit on your couch for the majority of the evening. Even if you regularly hit the gym, your exercise time may still suffer. Increase your physical fitness and improve your health by grabbing the camping supplies and heading outdoors.

3. It Can Improve Your Health Conditions

Camping isn’t just fun; it’s good for your health as well. Camping has been shown to improve the symptoms of people suffering from pain and inflammation, A.D.D. and A.D.H.D., and cardiovascular disease. Camping at a young age can even help prevent allergies later on.

4. It Can Encourage Greener Living

With convenience stores on every corner, it can be easy to forget that all of our small conveniences come at a great cost to the environment. Packing up the camping supplies and heading out into nature reminds us of the importance of protecting our beautiful landscape before it is too late.

5. It Provides a Memorable Experience

Lastly, camping trips are the stuff that memories are made of. Whether you gather up your camping supplies and head out with your best friends or your family, a camping trip is the perfect time to make memories that you will cherish and look back on for years to come.

Ready to Learn More?

If you’re ready to make the investment in camping gear that will connect you to nature, let the people at your St. Louis, MO, Uncle Sam’s help you find the perfect product to meet your needs. Call (636) 200-8626 to learn more.

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