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Military Surplus

Uncle Sam’s has been supplying St Louis for over 35 years with a great selection of new and used military surplus gear. Uncle Sam’s carries everything from dummy hand grenades to gas masks. Uncle Sam’s also has one of the largest selections of military backs, boots, duffle bags and clothing. We take pride in our competitive military gear pricing and selection. No matter what military gear you may be looking for, we have it, or we can get it!

Gear Up for Adventure

Military surplus gear. Survival gear. Tactical gear. Whatever you want to call it, Uncle Sam’s has the high quality products you need at a price you’ll appreciate. Our time-tested, rugged gear will help you on every part of your outdoor journey. You can also trust our experienced staff to guide you toward the gear that will take you where you want to go.

Airman Battle Uniforms

Uncle Sam’s is your source for Airman Battle Uniforms (ABU’s). Every ABU we sell is sewn to US Air Force specifications. If you want an authentic ABU, come to Uncle Sam’s!

Army Combat Uniforms

Along with ABU’s, Uncle Sam’s has a wide selection of Army Combat Uniforms (ACU’s), which, just like our ABU’s, are sewn to military specifications. ACU’s are constructed to withstand the rigors of combat. We’re proud to sell a product that’s built to last.

Battle Dress Uniforms

We also carry Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU’s), which are sewn to military specifications, just like you’d find in on-base uniform shops. Our BDU’s look and feel genuine. Come on in and see our selection!

Affordable Military Surplus Gear – Largest Selection in St. Louis

You could spend hours browsing through our comprehensive supply of military gear. Come in today and see one of the largest selections of affordable military gear. Our staff is well-trained in locating our stock, so if you can’t find something, ask and we can take you right to any military gear that you need! Our stock is authentic. There isn’t any knock-off equipment that won’t work. Our equipment will stand the test of time and will look genuine.

military surplus gear in St. Louismilitary surplus gear in St. Louismilitary surplus gear in St. Louis

Our extensive collection of military surplus gear offers:

Whatever your military surplus gear need may be, Uncle Sam’s will see to it that you leave satisfied! For more information about our collection, contact us at (636) 200-8626.