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When you find yourself enduring extreme weather and/or physical conditions, it is critical that you have the appropriate survival gear. There is no such thing as shortcuts when your life depends on the survival gear that is keeping you alive. Uncle Sam’s understands this and is dedicated to providing you with the absolute best survival gear on the market.

Uncle Sam’s Survival Gear has you prepared for:

Your survival gear needs to reflect the environment and conditions that you will be encountering. Uncle Sam’s has you covered for any and all possibilities, ensuring you come home safe.

The Shemagh: Why It’s an Outdoors Essential

shemaghWhen it comes to outdoor survival gear, the shemagh, also known as a “Keffiyeh,” is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment available. This basic woven cloth has roots in ancient Arabic culture, and it is still a staple in many modern-day communities. So, what has made this useful tool stand the test of time? When it comes to utility, the shemagh is an absolute must. In fact, once you begin using it, you won’t go back.

How It Can Be Used:

This full-head wrap can be used for a number of things. But, to get the most use from the shemagh, it is important to know the wide scope of utility it has. Before your next outdoor adventure or before you head into extreme weather conditions, be sure to grab this essential piece of clothing.

Protection From the Elements

Extreme exposure to the sun, as well as warm and cold temperatures, has the potential to cause harm over time. The solution? Although you will still need to protect other exposed areas of your body, a shemagh can protect your head, neck, and face from these damaging elements. With one wrap of this protective cloth, you will be better prepared for a number of weather conditions.

Sweat & Cooling Rag

The soft, cotton fibers of the shemagh act as a natural absorber for sweat. On your next outdoor hike or daily commute, be sure to have a shemagh in tow, using it to absorb excess sweat created from exercise. On the same token, this absorbent cloth naturally holds cool water and can thus be worn around the head or neck, helping cool your body temperature.

Bag Meets Blanket

The ever-versatile shemagh can also be used as both a bag and a blanket. When you have a big load to carry, try redistributing some items, placing a few of them in a makeshift bag. As a rule of thumb, place things in the middle of the shemagh so the load’s weight is evenly distributed, not stressing the cloth’s fibers. Need to take a rest along your commute? This woven cloth can be placed on the ground, providing a clean surface to sit on, or it can be placed over your body and used as blanket.

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